Giacomo Benevelli (1925-2011)

Giacomo Benevelli was an Italian and French sculptor, born in 1925 in Reggio Emilia. Studying between France, Italy and Germany, he lived and worked in Milan for most of his life. Since 1957 he’s been exhibiting in Italy across the globe, and has been appointed Head of Sculpture at the Accademia di Brera in Milan.

His works are now sparse in private and public collections in Italy and worldwide, like at the Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts and at the British Museum in London, as well as in contemporary and historical churches.

Lucio Fontana (1899-1968)

Lucio Fontana was born on February 19, 1899, in Rosario de Santa Fé, Argentina. His father was Italian and his mother Argentinean. He lived between Milan and Argentina and worked in his father’s studio as a sculptor before opening his own. He is most famous for founding the art movement of Spatialism in 1947, with the intent of synthesizing colour, sound, space, movement, and time.

Two years later, he created his first series of paintings whose surface he scratched to create holes and slashes, and is nowadays still recognised for the purity of his latest white canvases. Fontana died on September 7, 1968, in Comabbio, Italy.

Matt Marga

Matt Marga is a London based Italian artist. As a child, he would go out hunting for crystals in the Alps. He now brings the wonder of his childhood in London’s chaotic, sophisticate, hectic environment. His architectural background allows for the creation of highly technical structures supporting eye-catching, shimmering surfaces. Experimenting with crystals, multidimensional, textures and light, his works have the power to hypnotize the viewer in fascination or curiosity. His works have been displayed all over the world, and his 2018 projects will include exhibitions in London, Florence, Dubai and Milan.

Dubai World Trade Centre

26 – 29 March 2018, Dubai

Ventique will be present for the second time at the largest event for the design community in Middle East and North Africa.

Amongst other 845 exhibitors who are bringing the latest innovations and the most sophisticated trends in architecture and interior design, the gallery will return to exhibit its unique style of commissioned works.

This year’s display will include the Milky Way table from the Galassia collection, as well as exclusive new lighting sculpture imagined for the most refined and elegant interiors.


14 – 18 March 2018, Florence

This years Artour-o exhibition will be held in the Renaissance city of Florence, Italy where international artist will showcase unique art and design.

The gallery will be proudly displaying sculptural works by the artist Matt Marga which include Adam and Eve Mews and Venus Road.

Justin van Breda

March 2018, London

Justin Van Breda has just inaugurated his new showroom at 77 Lots Road, London. He runs the London based Interior Design Studio, part of the atelier focusing on couture and bespoke interior design. The atelier operates internationally and approaches each project with a strong sense of spatial design combined with the client’s specific lifestyle requirements, implementing solutions with flair and originality.

LONDON GEODES: The Beauty Inside

12 October – 15 December 2017, London 

Ventique is pleased to present the current exhibition ‘London Geodes: The Beauty Inside’ featuring work by artist Matt Marga. The exhibition explores the contrast between the nondescript stone exterior of geodes and the hidden secrets within; quartz crystals, agate or amethyst. This desire to extract beauty references Marga’s ambition to unearth the hidden beauty within us; referencing how the cover of a book does not always reveal its contents. In the exhibition, he explores these ideas through sculpture; the outer surface of the geode rock is reimagined and recreated in metal with a crack cutting through, revealing shimmering hand-cut, individually placed crystals within. Each London Geode takes its name from a London street; the sparkling crystal mapping out the geometric urban landscape while also highlighting the city’s impact on Marga’s practice.

The exhibition runs from 12th October – 15th December 2017

Monday – Friday: 9.30-17.30,  Sunday 11.00-17.00 and other times by appointment

Saffron Interior Arts: Alexander Lamont   

June 2017 – September 2017, London

Saffron Interior Arts represents an eclectic group of interior artists who create contemporary bespoke pieces of furniture and accessories, including textiles, glass and lighting, for both residential and commercial projects. Saffron’s artists are hand selected by Artistic Director Caroline Shamash to provide a wide range of options and the highest of quality for their clients. Clients are given the rare opportunity to be part of a unique creative process, collaborating with world-class interior artists to create exclusive bespoke works of art.

Over the next few months, the gallery will  be hosting an exhibition by Alexander Lamont. Inspired by the luminous decorative arts of Europe and Japan during the early twentieth century, Alexander Lamont’s collections of furniture, lighting and accessories are an expression of his dedication to meticulous workmanship, rare materials and an aesthetic taste refined by a life lived between East and West. Long forgotten, hard-won and highly prized skills are evident on every piece, whether surfaced by translucent raw shagreen, slivers of straw marquetry, rich black natural lacquer or hand patinated bronze. By reviving the precious traditions of the past in his own workshops and applying the luxuries of time and skill to elegant and contemporary designs, Lamont creates elements of vitality that dwell in the margin between art and furniture.

Giò Pomodoro

2 February 2017 – 19 May 2017, London

The sculptural approach of this Italian artist fluidly moves back and forth between avant-garde jewels and freestanding pieces. His emblematic style in the brooches, earrings and necklaces is later reflected in the public sculptures he will be commissioned in his late career. The way he plays with surfaces and matter, in an intersection of solid elements and void, gives the composition a personal meaning that goes beyond the geometrical ploy.